Our new homes are €38,000 to €149,000 & €670 a month.

350, 650 & 3,450 sq feet.

Rental / Airbnb income friendly.

2-4 beds, high ceilings, maid service, laundry service, 1-4 half baths, showers or bath, kitchen, extra bed / reading loft, private outdoor space. Afro Chic designed.

All solid concrete & steel, no paper.
All solar powered home. A/C, shopping, restaurants, beach club, home school coop medical coverage.

1. This offer & price range is for ownership, not subleasing only, as previously offered.
2. This option includes all required paperwork for your ownership of the property, as well as the ability to gain Senegalese residency, as a home owner.
3. As far as pricing is concerned, you may choose the size (and subsequently, the price) of your full service home, based on your budget.
4. As well, you may add custom items, if time permits, based on your desired completion date.
5. Must apply. Must be quick. See our official site for more information.



Grangenois Mansion

3,225 square feet - Fully private - 7 Private entrances - Private pool & deck - 2 private porches - Private courtyard - $414,000

FULL home

Floor Plan:

Full Ihome Floor Plan



Salimata Condo

615 square feet - Ground floor - Private courtyard - Pool view & direct pool access - $41,000

Floor Plan:

Salimata Top View




Khadi Condo

625 square feet - Ground floor - Pool view & direct pool access - $68,000

Floor Plan:

Khadi Home Top View Final



Penda Condo

350 square feet - Gound floor - Private Porch - Pool view & direct pool acces - $39,000

Floor plan:

Penda Condo Top View