Welcome to Rose Des Vents

The Rose Des Vents Oppression Healing Retreat, is located at our Savannah location, within South Senegal. We are here to host your healing and re-rooting, offering 6 to 10 heavenly days, from the stress and pressure of oppression. We serve you, and we heal you, during the month of April, May, or June.

Each day at our retreat needs repetition, to assure that your healing is thorough. Based on this need, our daily schedule follows here:

* Butler wake up service, based on your pre chosen preferences and breakfast in bed

* Savannah or beach sunrise meditation walk & explore

* Mentor guided investment planning, using your trip cost to invest

* Head & temple hibiscus oil massage

* Baobab tree body scrub

* Senegalese meditation Tea

* Shekinah Stress Relief Thiarky & Pineapple facial Scrub

* Journal to freedom. Record your daily growth

* Poolside cocktail service with our signature Jasmine-Grass shoulder & neck massage. Simply, breathe in, exhale, and relax, all day.

* 3 course Lunch of choice

* Village Rooting with our nearby village Family, sharing more tea and more great photos

* 3 course Dinner of choice
* Cocktail & High tea, with local herbs and local baked treats

* Butler wind down signature cocktail service
* The Peaceful Rose Des Vents hand & foot treatment with massage.

Of course, you may opt out of any activity, lounge, shop, add an animal encounter excursion or otherwise, and simply do as you please. We are here to assist in your healing. For this all, we are at your service.

About lodging:
All guests will lodge at the pictured property. There are always slightly more men than women, in Senegal, and on the property. Our healing retreat is not just a woman’s retreat. Genders are separated also, for the lodging and for the village work portion.

That’s it. We are complex, but yet still simple. We hope to bring you the same peace. Welcome.